‘How to Get Published’ Talk & Wine at Blackwell’s, Oxford

3 Dec 2013

judith murraypicWednesday 19 March 2014, 7-9pm.

Have you got a book in you? Then get it out there! Lucy and literary agent Judith Murray (pictured) of London-based literary agents Greene and Heaton will be discussing the process of getting your book published: what do agents and editors actually do? How do you find and approach an agent? (What are agents for? What do agents love and hate?). How does your book evolve from first idea to published novel? (Why rewrites are not a sign of failure). Can self-publishing really work? Are creative writing courses actually useful?  Lucy and Judith will also discuss the evolution of The Missing One from first submission to publication.


Talk, then a glass of wine, then lively discussion –  £3.

Tickets from Blackwell’s Bookshop, 51 Broad St, Oxford, OX1 3BQ (or on the door). Tel: 01865 333623