How To Feel Better by Dr. Frances Goodhart and Lucy Atkins

How To Feel Better

Published by PIATKUS

Highly Commended by the British Medical Association 2014 (Popular Medicine)

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‘This book is a joy – thoughtful and funny, practical and realistic…with well-researched tactics and tips to help every stage’ Dr Sarah Jarvis, GP and medical broadcaster.

  ‘A great book which gives sensible, practical, realistic advice and information to the person (and carer) recovering from illness….relevant to recovery from almost any type of illness‘  British Medical Association

These days we are discharged from hospital faster than ever before. We’re supposed to ‘bounce back’ and ‘get well soon’. But no one tells us how. Serious health problems – such as heart attack, stroke or surgery – can take their toll, not just on your body but on your emotions, morale, and wellbeing. In How to Feel Better, consultant clinical psychologist Dr Frances Goodhart and writer Lucy Atkins offer simple, evidence-based strategies for moving on and coping after any serious health problem.  An invaluable book for anyone who has had a health setback – and for their loved ones too.

The Cancer Survivor's Companion by Dr. Frances Goodhart and Lucy Atkins

The Cancer Survivor’s Companion

Published by PIATKUS


Winner of the Guild of Health Writers’ Health Book of the Year, 2012.

Highly Commended by the British Medical Association book awards, 2012

“As a GP, I wish I could write a prescription for this book for every single person who has ever confronted and then survived cancer.” GMTV’s Dr Hilary Jones.

The idea that when you get the ‘all-clear’ you crack open the champagne and move on just isn’t true for countless cancer survivors (and their loved ones). It is actually incredibly common to feel alone, worried and adrift, sometimes months or years after treatment. This book gives simple, sensible ways to deal with tricky post-cancer emotions, with practical self-help tools that help you tackle anything from worry, depression and anger to low self-esteem and body image, relationships, sex and fatigue. An essential read for all cancer survivors, their loved ones and the health professionals who work with them.

Lucy says: “Macmillan consultant clinical psychologist Dr Frances Goodhart and I have been close friends for decades. Over lunch one day she was saying she just couldn’t find a sensible book to recommend to her patients, and that bugged her because she felt they needed more support. The Cancer Survivor’s Companion grew from that conversation. My role in this book was really just to get Frances’ huge experience down on the page as coherently and accessibly as possible” 

First-Time Parent by Lucy Atkins

First Time Parent

Published by COLLINS

“A great book for any first time parent.” Sarah Beeny, TV property expert and mother of four.

The Amazon #1 Bestseller (Baby Development)

Practical, realistic advice from someone who’s been there (three times) this is the thinking person’s guide to the first year, helping you through day-to-day life as an exhausted parent, from how to change a nappy to ‘is baby yoga really worth the effort?’ First Time Parent covers all the basics – sleep, food, crying (you and your baby), health, relationships and work. Above all, it is on your side because most of the time the real expert is you.

Blooming Birth by Lucy Atkins and Julia Guderian

Blooming Birth

Published by COLLINS

“It’s like listening to your best friends telling you what childbirth is really like – easy to read, brutally honest, full of advice. ” Sophie Raworth, BBC presenter and mother of three.

Written with American Doula (childbirth companion) Julia Guderian, this book shows you how to make realistic preparations, both practial and emotional, so that you cope brilliantly whatever happens on the day – be the birth surgical, natural or somewhere in between. This book is particularly useful for second-timers (or more) who want birth to be different this time.



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